Helping consultants scale-up

Even the best heart surgeon can't operate on themselves

Unlocking growth and potential in consulting organisations wanting to go to the next level

You've started a consulting business and managed to get some clients - congratulations!

However, this is only the beginning of the journey to scale your business and fulfil your potential.

Here is a selection of some of the growing pains reported by our clients:

  • Reaching a plateau because there isn't enough time to take on more clients.

  • Income is hard to predict and levels can be volatile.

  • Great content and intellectual property is not being leveraged effectively.

  • Earning is directly related to time and it feels like being on a treadmill you can't get off.

  • Creating effective online courses is hard and there are too many technology barriers.

  • It is hard to get everyone working on the right things, at the right time in a way that aligns with business objectives and priorities.

  • Processes feel inefficient.

  • It is becoming harder to find people to process with, who will be completely truthful.

  • Spending too much time on admin and repetitive tasks.

  • Execution and task delivery are slipping because there is no system to follow up with every task assigned.

  • Collaborating and providing a seamless client experience is hard as the client base and/or team grows.

  • Struggling to integrate additional consultants into the team.

  • Finding the right apps and tools is tough and getting them setup properly is painful.

You are not alone in experiencing these things!

Having led consulting businesses ourselves and having worked with consulting firms ranging from those just starting out, to global firms with over 500 people, we have seen all of these pains up close.


In the Consulting Catalyst program we help you accelerate and unlock the path to growth and reduce the pain of going to the next level.

Together with you and your team, we will:

  • Discover the biggest issues across the six Performance Framework areas

  • Design holistic solutions that leverage proven techniques, but in a way that fits your culture

  • Deliver and implement change so that you see tangible outcomes

To find out more and see if the Consulting Catalyst could be right for you, book a free Catalyst Audit

Acting now with intentionality will result in:

Unlocked Growth

You will be able to increase your income without working longer hours

Reduced Hassle

Technology and automations will do the heavy lifting of much of your business, releasing you to do what you love doing.

Greater Impact

More people will be able to benefit from your expertise and experience.

Don't end up stuck, burned out, frustrated and ultimately going back to work for someone else.

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